"The Chinese Bar":
A unique experience.

The only place in the world where tango is sung as it was 60 years ago. In Buenos Aires, a big city with a present-day lifestyle, there is a neighborhood where time has come to a standstill: Pompeya, one of the places where tango was born. Here there is a bar, a unique bar: El Chino. A group of veteran artists has kept their friendship alive throughout the years. With their songs they express a particular way of seeing and enjoying life. Solidarity and loyalty are present in the magic environment of El Chino. This special feeling is transmitted by the artists through tango, and the audience can perceive it. The documentary shows the experience of those who visit El Chino bar, which has remained exactly the same since 1950. They share a night of happiness among artists who reflect the real spirit of tango, its essence, without commercial tricks, or marketing policies. The protagonists are people who have kept the habits, ways of life and artistic sensibilities of the 1950's. In most cases they are remarkable artists, unknown to the general public. Each weekend the bar gets crowded with an enthusiastic middle-aged audience, as well as with young people who come and get the "essence" of the place. Unusual characters, foreign tourists looking for a typical "porteño" place, people who want to preserve old customs, all make of El Chino the meeting place where poetry reigns every night.